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High Fencing or Exotic Game Fence, GRM fence construction is built with state of the art materials. There is is only one way to construct a high fence so its best to do it right the first time. GRM starts with 4" pipe H-brace corner extending to T-post every 20' ft to a 2 3/8' line post every 100' repeating this till we hit the next H-brace. GRM will work with you to build an effective entryway that will define your ranch and is also an integral part of your ranch high fence. We suggest putting a predator wire on the ground that rolls out like a matt and attaches to the bottom of the high fence to keep out predators that might harm your animals. The loss of one animal due to predators will make you wish that you had it installed
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Predator wire runs along the bottom of the fence helping to keep guests in and unwanted visitors out.
These clamps hold the Predator wire firmly to the ground.