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Eight Point Ranch


Meet your Contractor!!
   "I grew up on a Central Texas dairy farm, until age 20, learning the values of hard work, and the skills for taking care of livestock and machinery.  For the past 25 years, I have been a Dozer Contractor and have been closely related to many aspects of the construction industry.  In 2003, I came to Eight Point Ranch, to help with design and construction of - ponds, lakes, roads, fencing, barns, working pens, water gaps, grass planting, and the floating boat dock".

     "In 2011, Elgin Land Management was formed to offer our knowledge and experience to help with your projects and develop your property into a productive and enjoyable ranch".  

    "With my 25 years experience, I am confident that my knowledge and work ethics will help with any project you may have. I would like the opportunity to meet with you, look at the property, and discuss your project and construction needs".  

     "We welcome you to come out to 
Eight Point Ranch and see our completed projects and facilities".   

Steve Haisler

Game Ranch Management

Game Ranch Management is committed to sharing information and knowledge that we have learned over the 70 plus years of our combined knowledge.  We have new pages to our website full of information and answers to frequently asked questions. Everything contained with in these pages is strictly our opinion 
and should be used and considered as such.
Located in central Texas, Elgin Land Management (dba GRM), located just 25 miles out side of Austin understands the many unique needs of land management within the ranching world.
These are just a few of the services that your ranch or property may benefit from
** Dozer services **

Brush Clearing * Mesquite Control *Root Plowing * Rome Disking
Heavy Plowing*Fence Lines *New Pond Construction *Old Pond Clean-Out
*Gully Shaping* Erosion Control  *Road Work* Creek Crossing *Culvert Installation
*Stump Removal* Drainage Ditches *Demolition of Old Structures 
*Excavation Services *House Pads* Barn Pads *Pad Sites

Our Primary Dozer specs: its a caterpillar D6R with a185 hp, 45,000 lbs. We also have all attachments to make any project on your ranch or land as easy as possible

If you would like to see projects that our crew have completed feel free to make an appointment to come visit and tour our ranch *Eight Point Ranch*.

We offer all aspects of land improvement/management from:
* Backhoe * Bull Dozer * Excavator * Maintainer * Scraper * Farm Tractor and all attachments

We offer free estimates on every project small to large. Whatever your needs may be in dealing with renovating or creating your ranch and or land Steve Hailer is a pro at getting the job done! Let us come to you set that plan in motion!